Next Steps

This guide has demonstrated the basic building blocks for Halogen applications. We learned how Halogen provides a type-safe, declarative way to build complex apps out of reusable pieces called components. We learned how write functions that produce Halogen HTML, how to write individual components, and how to render components within other components. We also learned how components can communicate with each other and how to run a full Halogen application.

You now know how Halogen works, but you may not yet feel comfortable building a real application with the library yet. That's perfectly normal! There are more resources to help you continue learning about Halogen.

  1. To go more in-depth on concepts you learned in this guide, explore the Concepts Reference.
  2. To learn Halogen in a slower-paced, bottom-up way, try reviewing Jordan Martinez's Learn Halogen repository.
  3. To learn how to build real world applications in Halogen, review the Real World Halogen handbook and example application.