Halogen Documentation

Halogen is a declarative, type-safe library for building user interfaces.

This documentation covers how to use Halogen and provides a concepts reference. There are also other resources for learning and using Halogen, including:

Quick Start: Halogen Guide

If you are new to Halogen we recommend starting with the Halogen Guide. This short handbook demonstrates and explains Halogen concepts while building components.

By the end of the guide you'll be ready to dive in to more advanced resources like the Concepts Reference or Real World Halogen.

Going Deeper: Concepts Reference

Once you're comfortable with the main concepts from the Halogen Guide you may be interested in more advanced topics and in understanding why Halogen features are designed the way they are. The Concepts Reference will help you understand Halogen at a deeper level.

Major Version Changelog

Major Halogen releases are accompanied by guides for transitioning from one version to the next in the Major Version Changelog. Currently, there are transition guides for the following versions: